Children's Health


The best way to prevent frequent infectious diseases in children is with vaccination. In its schedule, the Québec Immunisation Program provides vaccines that children must receive in order to be protected against certain illnesses.

Gastroenteritis (Stomach Flu)

Gastroenteritis, also referred to as “stomach flu,” is an inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining, which causes diarrhea and vomiting. It is common in children and can be caused by a virus, bacteria or parasite. To learn how to care for your child in the event of stomach flu, consult the following pages:


Lice are tiny insects found on the scalp that can cause itching. This health problem is common among children in schools or at daycare. Read the page on Lice to learn more about symptoms, prevention and treatment. 

Children and Mental Health

Like adults, children can be affected by mental illness. As a parent, you can help prevent mental illness in your child. You can also learn about the signs and symptoms of mental disorders and intervene if they occur. To find out more, consult the following pages: 


Children need nutritious, balanced meals. Since their nutritional needs change, it is important to know them well. To learn more about infant and newborn nutrition, consult the following pages: 

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