Insulin Pump Access Program


People under 18 years of age must meet a set of clinical criteria to qualify for the program. Eligibility for the program must be re-evaluated annually.

Persons admitted to the program may continue to participate in it after age 18 if they still meet the clinical eligibility criteria.


To ensure the effectiveness of diabetes treatment using an insulin pump, parents and their child, if necessary, must commit to:

  • Monitoring capillary blood glucose, at least before each meal and at bedtime
  • Regularly logging capillary blood glucose results
  • Mastering concepts of advanced carbohydrate counting and applying them to the child’s food plan
  • Providing the child with the assistance, supervision and guidance necessary to ensure safe and proper usage of the insulin pump
  • Participating in a training program on the use of the pump designed according to the child’s age
  • Attending at least 3 follow-up meetings with a diabetes care multidisciplinary team
  • Staying informed on matters regarding care for diabetic people

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